Why Wissink Trading?

Quickest delivery, at home and abroad

Thanks to our immense stocks (unique in Europe!), no one supplies machinery glass quicker than we do. That applies to the Netherlands, but to foreign countries as well. You give us a ring, and we leave to your location straight away. We also collaborate with various foreign partners, in order to ensure that you have a replacement window as quickly as possible – often within a day.

 Machinery glass for all brands, types and models of earth-moving machinery

Whatever brand, type and model your machinery is, there is a 99% chance that we have your window in stock. And if we don’t have your screen? Then we will still see to it that you have a replacement as quickly as possible: either because we will cut a window to size, or by producing it ourselves, straightaway.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know exactly which new machines and thus new models of machinery windows are coming on to the market. Indeed: we already have windows in stock for machines that aren’t even on the market in Europe yet!

Quality assured

All our windows comply with all set safety standards and are certified.

Mounting possible

You do not only want us deliver your window, but to mount it too? That is not a problem: in the Netherlands we have a mounting service. Our fitters will replace your window at any desired location, on the construction site, along the road, in the harbour or on the water.

 30 years’ experience in machinery glass

We know machinery glass like no one else does. No company knows more about the different models and what’s happening in the market than we do. We don’t supply machinery glass as a by-product: it is our core business. This means that you will always get the correct window, which complies with the safety norms that apply to your machine. Do you have doubts about which type of window you need? Let us advise you: then you will be sure!

Competitive in price

Because we develop and produce machinery glazing ourselves, we can also be very competitive in our prices.